Wednesday 12 April 2023

Hella: Success!

Continued from my last two blogs:

Two weeks passed, and Hella began being ravenous in her eating, eagerly sucking the bottle of Flossie’s milk, and scarfing down the calf manna we gave her— all a good signs that she is improving.  Hella finally got to the point where she was able to stand up using the wall as an aid.  Once up and in standing position, she would prop herself against the living room wall for balance, and then leaning against the wall, she would walk along the wall.

Having reached the point where she was able to walk, we borrowed a baby playpen and set it up in the living room for Hella.  We needed to confine her activities through the night.  

We began putting Hella outside during the day, and finally she and Flossie reunited, with Flossie allowing Hella to suckle.  That was a real landmark which relieved us of both milking Flossie and feeding Hella.  We continued to keep Hella in the house at night for a while, until finally, Hella was strong and well enough to be out with the other goats full time. 

The whole Hella episode had been a long and stressful ordeal.  One entry in my diary mentioned that I rarely got a full night of sleep because of the nighttime activities of both our dog Sundance, and Hella.

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