Thursday 6 April 2023

Dual-Use Snow Scoop

    The blue object with the handles that you see in the corner of the photo is a snow scoop.  It was designed to scoop up snow, then by tilting it, you can slide the scoop over and dump the snow by lifting the handles.  I use it to clear the driveway if there isn’t enough snow to justify using my snowblower.

    This winter I had a brainstorm and realized that the scoop also works really well for pulling things across the snow.  I used it yesterday to move these really heavy chunks of cottonwood across the snow to my driveway, where I could then pick them up with a cart.  

    Cottonwood has a lot of water in it and some of these chunks were so heavy, I wouldn’t have been able to lift them very high (I rolled them onto the snow scoop).  In fact, before I could load the chunks onto the cart, I had to split them in half, so I could l lift them.  They had so much water in them (some of them were frozen) that when I used a splitting maul to halve them, water foamed up when the maul hit the wood.

    I used an electric splitter to split the chunks into firewood size and was able to get a whole section of my firewood row filled (photo below).   I have three sections of firewood left over from last winter and I now just have four more sections to fill with wood before winter.


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