Saturday 8 April 2023

Receipts for Income Tax

    While I desperately look forward to the arrival of spring all winter long, there is always one event in spring that I hate;  preparing my income tax.  I don’t mind paying income tax, I know that is what gives me the services I get from government, but it always drives me crazy trying to get all of the receipts I need together, so I can file for the income tax.  

    This year my tax preparation was going smoothly, until I noticed that I didn’t have one of my T5Riff tax statement from the bank.  A T5Riff shows how much money I received from the savings I put away in a special retirement account and received last year.  

    In frustration I called the bank which is in Prince George to see about getting the statement that I needed.  This was an ordeal in itself, since the phone number for the bank which is on all of the monthly statements they send, is no longer used.  After a couple of days of telephone tag with the bank’s automated answering service, I finally was able to talk to a real person.  He told me he would check it out and call me back.  He never did.

    Days passed with no T5Riffs arriving and I was desperate to get my income tax forms to the accountant that does our taxes, so yesterday, I just took a photo of one statement I had previously gotten from the bank, that told the total amount I had received in 2022.  I was going to just going to turn that in with the other T5Riff statements I had, and keep my fingers crossed.

    Before we were able to turn in all of our forms to the accountant, we drove into town.  On the way, my wife noticed some old mail that had been was stuck between the seats in the car.  It was mail from March, and of course, the T5Riff tax statements that we needed were among the other letters, and had been hidden there for a month.

    While I felt like a fool for calling the bank, mostly, I was just very happy to finally having those T5Riff statements I needed.

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