Thursday 13 April 2023

Donkey Work

    Decades ago when we first bought our 5 acre “Hobby Farm”, one of the first things I did was to buy a wheelbarrow.  Now I have two different types of wheelbarrows, and two different types of carts, all of which seem to be constantly in use.  Like a donkey, or some other beast of burden,  I am either pushing a load of something on one of those wheeled contraptions, or pulling a load on one of them.

    Over the years I have loaded them with firewood, manure, leaves, compost, wood chips, dirt, gravel, boulders, and sticks.  It seems that there is always something out there that I need to push some where or pull somewhere.  The photo above shows me tugging a cart full of big chunks of wood up to the shop, where I can use the electric splitter to split it, and transform it into firewood, which I will then have to load back into the cart and pull down to stack with the rest of the firewood.

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