Friday 3 February 2023

There's a Valley, with a Village...


    The McBride Museum is currently having a show about local music.  The museum has a lot of old musical instruments and its walls are full of old photos showing people from the past playing music.  When I first heard about the show, I wondered if there was anything I could contribute, and I remembered an old 45 RPM record I had bought in the 1980’s that featured a song called “McBride”.  The old record had been in the attic of my shop for decades and amazingly, I found it and took it to the museum.

    The song “McBride” celebrated the 50th Anniversary of McBride being officially recognized at a Village.  It was written by a woman whose last name was Kavari, who was a neighbor.  She asked me if she could use a picture I had drawn of McBride’s train station, for the back of the record envelope.  I don’t know the singer, but his name was Lawrence Joseph.  

    The record was in excellent shape (I guess I never played it very much) and I was able to convert the song to a .mp3 file and with the help of some of our jam members, we were able to figure out the lyrics and now can play the song at our jam.

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