Monday 20 February 2023

Look at That Ugly Wallpaper

    In 1977 we bought a house on 5 acres of land and moved to McBride.  We loved the view of the mountains and the way the house was situated, but the house itself was very plain looking and its inside walls were downright ugly.  I couldn’t stand the garish wallpaper that was featured in the horrible-looking bathroom (photo above).  

    Next to the bathroom there was a tiny room that was almost too small to be used for anything.  It also had horrible wallpaper  (Photo below)   To make that room even more useless, it had a squat round hot water heater in the corner occupying a big part of the room’s limited floorspace.  Can you see the low round hot water heater with its fancy plumbing in the corner of the photo below? 

    When we moved in we just the room to store all of our boxes of stuff there, until we could figure out where to put everything in our tiny house.

    Another thing I hated about the house we had just purchased, were the low seven foot (2.1m.) ceilings in all of the rooms except for the living room.  Almost immediately after moving in, I started tearing out the low ceilings to show the cathedral-like ceilings they covered. 

    We were young and energetic, without much money, but what extra money we had, we used to totally remake the house.

    Looking back at these old photos, I wonder why we bought such an unattractive house, but I love what we have now turned it into with a lot of work.


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