Monday 27 February 2023

1977: Landscaping Our New Place

    Last week I blogged about how the inside of the house we bought in 1977 was not exactly to our taste.  We also had trouble accepting how parts of the outside of our property looked, especially the barn yard.  

    The previous owners had had a menagerie of farm animals:  cow, pig, geese, and chickens.  Each of those animals had their own environment.  As a result, the barnyard was a very unsightly and muddy mess, full of small fenced in areas.   The photo above shows a young me trying to drain an area once favored by pigs and geese.  

    Below, my wife is working to collect some of the manure left behind when the previous owner and his farm animals vacated the property.  Like the inside of the house we just bought, the barnyard required a tremendous amount of work to make it the way we wanted it.  Fortunately, we were young and energetic at the time.

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