Sunday 12 February 2023

Clean For A Day

    Usually when I think of winter, I visualize our world covered with a blanket of pristine white snow.  Of course the reality is much different, especially when it comes to our car.  To our car, winter is the dirty season, a time when the car is coated with road salt and debris from all of the road “sanding”.   The dirty layer that it must carry around usually lasts for months, since there are no car washes in McBride and the temperatures are normally below freezing, which prevents me from giving the car a wash.

    With our recent weeks of temperatures that are above freezing during the day, I wondered (and hoped) that the hydrant in the barnyard had thawed out and yesterday, I tried it and was happy to discover that it had.  

    “Great,” I thought, “I can wash the car.”  

    I dragged the cold stiff hose out of the barn, hooked it to the hydrant, and I was in business.  I washed the car.  It was nice to see its rich blue color again.

    Of course this cleaning is only temporary and will be short-lived.  The next time we drive into McBride the speckles of dirt will reappear.

    Every time we drive up to Prince George we are tempted to go to a car wash, but then we quickly realize that on our drive back to McBride, the car will get as dirty as it was before, so we just let it be.

    It is nice to have a clean car and not to get dirt on our clothes every time we brush against it, but we realize a clean car is a fleeting pleasure.

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