Friday 24 February 2023

A Sad Anniversary

    Just about every Tuesday night at our Jam, we sing Dylan’s “Chimes of Freedom” to reflect on what is being done to Ukraine.  Of course, singing the song does no good, only Putin, who sees himself as an emperor, can stop the carnage he started by invading Ukraine.   It’s little concern to him how many people die, both Ukrainian and Russian, as long as he remains in power, in his palaces.  

    It’s very disheartening to realize that one person can cause so much pain, horror, grief, and destruction.  There are so many parallels to what Putin is doing now and what Hitler did in World War II and anyone that knows history, knows the brutality and the time it took to end that carnage.  It is sad to realize that this has only been year one of something that one man started, and that will continue until Putin is no more.

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