Wednesday 15 February 2023

Beaver Mountain

    Yesterday, being Valentine’s Day, we ordered some take-out at our local Chinese restaurant.  As I drove out of the parking area after picking up a #6 and a #11 for our meal, I started down the frontage road to Hwy. 16 and noticed that the sun was highlighting Beaver Mountain, so I stopped and took this photo.  

    Beaver Mountain is one of the most prominent peaks that we can be seen from McBride.  For years, the only reason I could figure out why the mountain was named  “Beaver” was because it was beside what the local’s called the “Beaver River” (officially named Holmes River). 

    Then one day, while driving down Hinkelman Road I caught a glimpse of Beaver Mountain from a different angle, and to my surprise, discovered that on its horizon was a rock formation that looked just like a beaver crouched on the top of the mountain.  That view of the mountain could be seen in 1912 when the railroad came through and created McBride, and I’m pretty sure now that is why the early settlers in the Robson Valley started calling the mountain Beaver Mountain.

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