Tuesday 14 February 2023

A Beadoodle

    When we got Kona, the previous owners said she was a Bordoodle (mix of Border Collie and Poodle), but I am now beginning to think that she is really a Beadoodle (mix of Beaver and Poodle), because she loves to eat sticks so much.  She is very possessive about her sticks and loves to proudly carry them around.

    Our long spell of unseasonable mild weather has started to melt the snow that had accumulated on the ground and as the snow melts, branches and sticks are starting to appear along the sides of our path around the pond.  Whenever Kona sees one of these sticks or branches she tugs and chews until it breaks or comes out of the snow, then with pride she carries it back to the house.

    Fortunately, Kona is good about dropping the stick if I tell her to, otherwise I am sure she would bring her treasured sticks into the house.

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