Wednesday 8 February 2023

Pets Are Not The Only "Watchers"


    About a week ago I blogged about how Kona and Lucifer, our pets are always watching us.  Tuesday night I was reminded that they were not the only watchers.  Every Tuesday night I go to our music jam.  Last Tuesday I happened to look at the map on my iPhone and guess what, when I got to the map, it was already showing the route I should take to the jam.  My phone must have “watching” me over the months and knew where I would be headed on Tuesday night, so it was showing me how to get there.

    Of course, if it knew where I was going, it should have figured out that I already knew the route.  McBride its not that big a place and the route is not very complicated.  The map told me it would only take me 9 minutes to get to the Canadian Legion Hall where we have our jam.

    This is not the only case of my phone anticipating my travels, months ago on Saturdays, I  realized that the map always showed me the route to our friend’s house, where we visit every Saturday evening.  I already knew how to get to their house also.

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