Friday 28 May 2021

What is Tuesday Looking Like?

     I look at the weather report every day, and the first thing I always check is what is forecasted for Tuesday.  Tuesday is the day I look forward to the most because it is our jam night.  Because of Covid, we have been playing our music outside, on the McBride Train Station front porch which is exposed to the weather and Spring is notorious for its rain and showers so the weather determines whether we will play or not.

    I know that looking at Tuesday’s forecast so long before it gets here, is a mug’s game, because the weather forecast will probably change as Tuesday gets closer, but I can’t help myself.

    What I really hate is when it is an hour before we start playing and it is still not clear whether we will get a rain shower or not.  I much prefer if it is pouring rain or brilliantly sunny, then it is a lot easier to make a decision whether to show up or not.

    Judging from today’s forecast it looks okay for Tuesday evening.

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