Friday 7 May 2021

Two Are Still Alive

     On my April 24th blog I told the sad story of how I had forgotten about my young potted tomato plants and left them outside overnight, resulting in about 30 of them being killed by frost.  Gemma’s Person responded to the blog saying if I hadn’t already ditched them they might come back.  I had zero confidence that they would, but I left the wilted plants in the greenhouse, and yesterday I was surprised to discover that two of the tomato plants were showing some new growth.  I was amazed.

    I find it pretty inspiring how some living things overcome situations that seem hopeless.  If they didn’t I guess that a lot of species would have disappeared millions of years ago.

    I did manage to finally plant all of my tomato plants in the bed of my greenhouse yesterday, so I will no longer have to cart them back and forth to spend the nights in our house.

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