Friday 21 May 2021

Tree Surgery And Removal

    While I love the trees in our yard, periodically I have to brutal with them to keep them from endangering our house.  Yesterday I had a tree trimming crew come to take down a Cottonwood that was leaning toward my shop, and to trim back some large willow limbs that were stretching over the roof of our house.

    Big trucks always have trouble maneuvering around in my driveway and these were big trucks with a boom.  The day started off badly with the large truck getting stuck in my rain-saturated driveway but we were finally able to get it free.  The boom that lifts the tree guy with the saw is amazingly tall and it was fun to watch him work suspended in his bucket high in the air.    There was the wining of chainsaws and the loud growl and grumble of the wood chipper outside throughout the day.

    It always is a bit shocking to see more sky and light after the trees have been dealt with, but we will get used to that and the trees that were trimmed will again fill out and look normal.   Although Cottonwood is not the best firewood, it will burn after it dries out, so today I will begin splitting all of the piles that were bucked up yesterday.

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