Wednesday 19 May 2021

Spa Day For Kona

    When we saw that Tuesday was going to be a grim day of rain, we thought our time would be better spent driving up to Prince George to get a few of the things we needed to do up there done.  We didn’t want to bore Kona with a long boring trip in the car so we booked her into the Robson Valley Pet Hostel for a haircut and grooming.  We had really liked the way Kona has been looking with her long hair, but we knew that it was getting too long for the warmer weather ahead (hopefully ahead), so we didn’t want her to get a radical haircut.

    We had Ann just shorten Kona’s hair, and we were very happy with how Kona looked when we picked her up after our trip.  Once back home, we took this photo of Kona before walking her out in the rain and mud, so we could remember how nice she looked before she messed it all up.

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