Wednesday 26 May 2021

My iMac is Back

    I am so happy to get my old workhorse computer back again.  Its an older computer and its hard drive was bogging down to the extent that it was getting useable.  It failing was something I was really dreading because I used some old software on it that I needed for to doing my website, and that software could no longer be gotten, so losing my iMac meant losing my ability to keep my website updated.  Photoshop, which I used for my cartoons would have also been lost.

    I didn’t have much faith that my iMac could be fixed since Macs are notoriously hard to repair unless you live close to an Apple Store, which I don’t.  Luckily for me, our little village has a computer repair shop (McTech) run by a crackerjack computer technician, and Vincent thought he could replace the failing hard drive.  I wasn’t too hopeful, but really didn’t want to lose my iMac or the software and files on it.

    Vincent made a copy of everything on my computer then got a brand new (and much faster) hard drive.  Getting into the guts of an iMac is very difficult, but after some problems getting parts, Vincent finally got it repaired, and what a difference it has made.  It is like getting a brand new computer, it is now lightening fast, compared to the what it used to work.

    For the last forty days or so I haven’t been able to update my website and had to muddle around using unfamiliar software to create my cartoons on a laptop.  I was absolutely gobsmacked when I got the iMac back to see how fast it suddenly was and how enormous the screen feels after struggling with the laptop for so long.  The iMac screen is more than 4 times the size of the tiny laptop screen.

    Like I wrote on the first line, I am so happy.

     I am again showing this blog and my paintings on my website:

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  1. Congratulations! Lucky you to have a superb tech person available.
    Glad you are happy !