Thursday 6 May 2021

Deserted McBride

     There was a cold north wind blowing down the deserted streets of McBride on Tuesday night when we had our jam session on the porch of the train station.  Because of the coolish temperatures (13C 55F) only 4 musicians showed up to play (we did have 4 people in the “audience” also).  We played for two hours in the cold wind until my cold fingers started having trouble holding my guitar pick.

    The McBride train station is located at the end of Main Street and as we played our music on the porch we could look down Main.  The odd car drove down the street and a few walkers strolled by, but other than that, the village felt pretty deserted.  The vacant look is not because of Covid, it is the way things look in McBride pretty much every evening, since all of the stores are closed and nothing else is happening.   

    I stopped between songs to take this photo because I liked the way the low sun was lighting the the empty town.

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