Thursday 27 May 2021

Running Dog

     Kona has so much energy and loves to run, but unfortunately she is too easily led astray by her nose.  As a result whenever we take her outside around our house, we have to keep her on a leash so she won’t go blindly chasing the wildlife which is everywhere.  

    Usually we can let her run free on our walks down unused roads with rather restricted boundaries, without too many problems.  This gives her a bit of freedom that we can sort of control.

    We do love to see her run like the wind, so the other day while we visited with some friends who have a big property, we decided to take her off the leash while we sat on their porch.  I figured that she would go crazy running around for a while, then get tired and come to the porch and sit at our feet.  

    I was being delusional.  She never got tired, she just continually sprinted past us in one direction, then ran past us again going in the opposite direction.  Around the house, out to the field, over to the trees, back past the house, on and on she went, like a streak of lightening as we talked on the porch.  

    After about 45 minutes or so I got concerned.  She was still running as fast as she could, with her tongue hanging out of the side of her mouth.  She didn’t seem anywhere close to being worn out.  I called her, let her drink some water, then put her in the car; forcing her to calm down and relax.  I suspect she would have just kept running until she dropped.   Sometimes young dogs have no sense.

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  1. Kona just thought she was in heaven !

  2. Try this, when she doesn't seem to be paying attention to your commands. Walk to the car and get in like you are leaving, see if her little paws don't make there way to you as fast as she can go.
    I hope it works.