Sunday 23 May 2021

A Haze of Dandelions

    The Robson Valley is truly dandelion country.  They grow extremely well here.  The photo above shows a hint of what is to come.  I liked the accent of color they added to the landscape.

    Yesterday we drove out to Dunster for their special community market devoted to selling bedding plants.  We weren’t the only ones happy to get outside in a community gathering, it was crowded, and everyone was masked up and were wearing hats, so it was difficult to identify the people we hadn’t seen for a year.  We picked up some marigolds to plant between our cabbages to keep the bugs away, and I also bought some pepper plants since the number I have in my greenhouse can be counted in single digits.

    I kicked myself all the way home after realizing I had forgotten to take any photos of the masked people walking around with their plant purchases at the market.  Oh well, at least I could give you the photo of dandelions.

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