Monday 17 May 2021

Horse Incident

     The other day while walking Kona down Horseshoe Lake Road, we perked up when suddenly the herd of horses that are pasturing there became animated and frisky.  Soon the herd was running back and forth.  They were a beautiful, graceful sight that we felt privileged to witness, however after a bit, most of the horses settled back down, but one black mare kept pursuing a younger brown horse, quite aggressively.  It chased it back and forth, then into the bushes and along the fence.

   We heard one crash, but both horses came out the other side of the bushes, the black, hot on the heels of the young horse.  She chased it again back into the bushes again and when they re-emerged the young horse ran into the wire fence, got tangled up, freed itself, then jumped over it, safe from the pursuit at last.  It limped a bit so it must have hurt its leg.  You may not be able to tell from the photo, but the small brown horse is standing outside the fence and the black horse inside with her head down.

    We knew who owned the horses, so we drove over to their farm (a month ago they lost 6 horses when their barn burned) to tell them about their horse getting out and probably injured. The owner immediately got into their truck to check out the situation.  I don’t know any more about what happened after that.  We sure hope  the young brown horse wasn’t injured too badly.

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