Monday, 8 March 2021

World's Best Mother Turns 100

    See the adventurous girl standing on the Indian trail tree?   That farm girl later became my mother, and the mother of my two sisters and two brothers.   She along with my father, who passed away in 1999, sacrificed a lot for us 5 kids.  They provided for us, nourished us, protected us, educated us, and gave us a warm and stable home-life and wonderful childhoods.  

    Today, International Women’s Day, is Mom’s 100th birthday.  Mom, who had always been very self-reliant, now lives in a care home and unfortunately, because of COVID, we are not allowed to join her in celebration of her 100th Birthday, but a family Zoom-call has been arranged and that will have to suffice.

    I have of course, other photos of Mom, but the one above has always been my favorite.

    Happy Birthday Mom, we love you.

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