Wednesday 10 March 2021

A Twelve Hour Car Service


    I am having a bad day.  My mainstay computer crashed this morning so I am trying to use my iPad to do this blog.

    Yesterday I had to take our Subaru up to Prince George for a big service.  I left McBride at 7:00.  Luckily Highway 16 was clear of snow so the drive only took 2.5 hours.  Beside the normal service I wanted the technicians to investigate the "Door Open" warning light problem I have been having ever since our cold weather problem.

    The dashboard "Door Open" warning light comes on, as does the lights on the side mirrors, and the car's interior light.  Since the weather warmed up, those lights now go back off, before they stayed on, causing me to disconnect the car battery every night so I wouldn't drain it overnight.

    Once up in PG I handed my car over to the Subaru Service department and took a seat in the customer lounge.  I opened up my iPad and started checking my regular internet sites.  I had originally thought I would have to spend very long hours with not a lot to do in Prince, but luckily my friends, the Milnes had also planned a trip up to the Big City, and they picked me up so I could do some shopping with them.

    We went to a garden store, a deli, and to Costco, so I was able to do a bit of shopping with them, before they dropped me back off at Subaru.  I then spent a few hours on the iPad working on some writing I was doing.  Eventually the car service was finished and I could start the drive back home.  I picked up a Beyond Meat burger and headed home.  

    Darkness was beginning to fall halfway through my return trip and I began to notice that every time I hit a frost-heave on the highway, or made a turn to the right on a curve, my "Door Open" warning light came on, as did the mirror lights and the interior light.  I also noticed that when this happened the Cruise Control shut off too.  All the lights that came on turned back off quickly, but I had to continually reset the  Cruise Control.

     These things were all quite noticeable while driving in the dark.  It was frustrating because there are an awful lot of frost-heaves and right turns on Highway 16.  The technicians at Subaru checked the door light button, but could find no problem, so it looks like we will have to live with it for as long as we have the car.

    I finally got back home at 7:00:  It was a long 12 hours.


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