Tuesday 23 March 2021

Tomato Plants Are Up

    The tiny tomato seeds I poked into the ground last week, have now metamorphosed into sprouts.  I planted both some old seeds that I had purchased a couple of year ago and some seeds that I had saved from a few of last year’s tomatoes.  Both sources had good germination, except for one variety (from the bought seeds) in which only one plant came up.

    The plants are now living under some grow lights and will stay in the flat until they get too big and then  I will transplant them into some pots.  Hopefully by that time I will be able to carry them out to the greenhouse during the day, so they can get some real sunshine and experience real life conditions.  I will keep move them back and forth between the greenhouse during the day and the house at night, until the overnight temperatures in the green house is warm enough that I can plant them out there for the summer.

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  1. You are surely a determined and persistent gardener. :)