Wednesday 24 March 2021

A Start On Next Winter’s Wood

     Whenever our changeable Spring weather permits, I have been going up the slope across the road to “buck up” some of the birch I cut down last year for firewood.  I had local chainsaw guru Warren Jones, get my chainsaw in good working condition again and now that it is running as it should, my task has been made a whole lot easier.

    I hate cutting down trees, but this patch of birch was starting to die on the top, so I thought I’d make use of them before rot renders them unusable.  I was surprised at how much firewood we went through this winter, even though winter was unusually mild, except for a couple of weeks in February, when the cold was brutal.

    If I can cut, split, and stack the wood now, it will have time to dry out over the Summer and will be ready when we need it in the fall.

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