Monday 1 March 2021

Lucy In The Bed With Blankets

    I generally take a nap at noon every day.  Often our cat Lucifer quietly sneaks up onto the bed and snuggles up along my back as I nap.  When I wake, she is still there, and often as to not disturb her, I just slowly flip the blanket off of me and onto her.  (That is when I took this shot.)

    Lucy loves to be under the blankets, so she stays there.  Sometimes I come into the bedroom later and discovered that she has worked her completely under the covers so she is totally hidden from view, sleeping in her warm womb of blankets.   A few times I will come into the bedroom for something, sit down on the bed,  bumping the blankets, unaware that she is still underneath them.  

    When I put the cover over her she will often stay there for several hours snoozing.

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