Saturday 6 March 2021

Our Dog Is A Rat

    It is our tradition to make ourselves a pizza every Friday night.  We kept up with that tradition last night.  I was sitting in front of  the television eating and enjoying the second of my three slices, when the iPhone in my pocket began to ring.  I don’t use my cell phone very often and not many people know my number, so I still go into a bit of a panic, when I get a call on it.

    In my panic, as I was trying to dig the phone out of my pocket, I quickly set my plate of pizza slices down on the couch beside me, so that I would have a better chance of freeing the phone from my pant’s pocket.  It was Matthew on the phone, asking a question about one of my paintings that he is reproducing for a poster.  

    To answer his question, I had to walk upstairs to look at the painting.

    When I came back down and walked into the living room, it took me a nanosecond to figure out what Kona was doing.  She was up on the couch, her face in the plate I had laid there, downing one of my pizza slices.  I quickly commanded her to cease and desist, which she did, then I grabbed the plate with the still remaining pizza slice (luckily uneaten) and placed it up on the table where Kona couldn’t get at it. 

    I quickly ended my conversation with Matthew, and walked back toward the couch.  As the photo shows, Kona was still there, cleaning up the few crumbs of pizza that had fallen from the plate.  What a rat.

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