Friday 5 March 2021

Should I Worry or Not?

    I have been noticing this spot of unfrozen standing water, that has melted through the snow, for a while now.  I’m not sure if I should be worrying about it or not.  It is situated just below my greenhouse, and if this water is the result of burst pipes in my greenhouse, then I need to worry, because it won’t be much fun to stop the flow and fix the problem.  

    At present, I can’t really get into my greenhouse because of the ice and snow that is blocking the door.  I have looked in though the glass though, and haven’t been able to see any water inside,  but the water fixtures are hidden by my raised planting bench, so not seeing water in the greenhouse doesn’t really prove anything.

    The other possible cause of all this water is that it is just part of all of the underground flow that was making me mad all summer and fall.  That huge water-flow t ran along one edge of my garden, which is adjacent to the greenhouse, and what I am seeing is in line with that flow so that might be the cause. 

    I won’t really know until I can get rid of all the ice blocking the greenhouse door so I can go inside to check.  In a way, checking is something I am afraid to do, because I hate messing with the water system in the greenhouse, and besides, at this point it really isn’t urgent.

    Keep you fingers crossed for me.


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  1. Are you using more water than usual(if you gauge somehow).
    Can you walk above it to see were it could be coming from above the area it is wet? A crack opened in the ground when the hill slid or a waterway that has moved courses when the earth moved above your neighbors house. How is your pond doing?

    1. Another don't have a shut off valve somewhere to close the water off to the greenhouse?