Thursday 18 March 2021

New Interior Doors

A few months ago we decided to replace our inexpensive, plain, interior doors with something more interesting.  We approached Gerald, a skilled local cabinet-maker/carpenter and asked him to handcraft some doors out of local fir.  He asked us what style we wanted and we went online, looked at some doors, and decided on a “Shaker” style paneled door.  
Gerald had never made any doors in that particular style, but went to work and over the last couple of days installed them.  They more than exceeded our expectations.  Beside being warm and beautiful, they are sturdy, and substantial.  None of our previous doors had ever felt so solid or well-fit.  They have really changed the feel of of our house, like a beautiful piece of furniture.

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  1. Now , that is the real meaning of buying local! Beautiful work.