Sunday 27 September 2020

What I Saw On My Walk This Morning

    I was able to finish brushing out our loop trail the other day, so now we can walk the whole thing.  I have been doing that every morning after breakfast.  Every time I start out, I harbor great hopes of seeing something interesting to photograph.  I confess my walks have been pretty unrewarding.  I am not asking for much, my life is fairly mundane, so it really doesn’t take a lot to peak my interest.  Today on my walk I did come upon two things that did.  

    When the trail came out of the woods and entered the field down by the river, I suddenly realized that there were two horses quietly watching me.  They were in the neighboring field, but it was such an unexpected sight I had to stop and stare back at them for a while.  They kept a silent eye on me as I continued on with my hike through the thistle-laden field.

    Later as I climbed up the dam of my pond to the top, the sun which had just risen over the mountains, was in my eyes and backlighting a web that some crazed spider had constructed at the end of a tall sprig of grass.  

    Granted these two events rank pretty low on the excitement level, but excitement is relative, and I was happy to come upon these two sights even if they are pretty mundane.

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