Saturday 26 September 2020

Lotsa Tomatoes

    Surprisingly we have just about gotten to the point where our bountiful tomato crop has become burdensome.  In the past handful of years they haven’t done all that well, we have gotten some, but never an abundance.  I am wondering if it is because they have gotten so much water this year.

    A few years ago I re-did my greenhouse.  Previously I had sealed the ends between the panes of glass on the roof.  When I re-vamped my greenhouse I decided not to so that whenever it rained water would drop to the bed below.  This year we had more than enough rain, so the bed stayed very wet.  I know that tomatoes are often grown hydroponicly in water and don’t seem to mind. 

    Also I the past roots from nearby Cottonwood trees were growing all through the bed where I plant my tomatoes, sucking out all lots of water.  Last year I dug out the tree roots, made a “tub” out of old tin roofing sheets, beneath the soil to prevent the t roots from returning then put the soil back in:

I think that really added to the amount of water available to the tomatoes.

    As you can see from the photos, I grow a lot of different varieties of tomatoes in the greenhouse.  The photo above shows a cluster of paste tomatoes.  Below is the trug full of the tomatoes I picked this morning.  Surely this is the last “big” picking for the year, although there are still more tomatoes slowly ripening on the vines.

Take a look at my photo-realistic paintings:


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