Wednesday 23 September 2020

The Bog

    We live on what geologist would called the “Toe of the Slope”.   Mountains are mostly made up of a steep slope, that ends at the valley bottom, and there at the base of the mountain is the Toe, an area that is gently sloping.   One of the characteristics of he Toe of the Slope is an abundance of water close to  the surface.  It becomes quite obvious in our outhouse every Spring.

    On our neighbor’s property there is a boggy depression that also fills up with water each spring.  I sometimes see a pair of ducks there swimming around in the shallow water.  The water generally disappears and the area become large patch of moss during the summer.  

    Our trail passes by one end of the bog area and I was surprised the other day when I was re-clearing the trail to see the bog completely filled with water, which is quite unusual for this time of year.  I assume that the huge amount of rain that fell over the Spring and Summer has slowly been flowing underground down the slope of the mountains and has surfaced in the bog. 

    The bog is not in an area that receives surface water from a creek, it is like a spring that only fills when there is an excess of water.

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