Wednesday 16 September 2020

A New Venue For Our Jam

    Having lost our home at the library due to Covid restrictions, we abstained from playing for months, then were happy when we got permission to make music on the porch of the McBride Train Station.  It was wonderful to be able to get together again despite the rain showers, wind, and mosquitos, but we knew that eventually with the approach of fall and then winter, we would have to find someplace inside for our jam.

    I inquired at the handful of possible locations in McBride seeking a venue, but either the rental cost was too high or there were Covid restrictions that prevented us from using them, but luckily the Canadian Legion allowed us to use their Hall.  Last night was our first gathering there.

     I am very concerned about spreading the virus and know that inside spaces are more dangerous in that respect than being outside, but our numbers have diminished over the summer, and the hall is fairly spacious (you can’t see the long tables sticking out from each side of the room in the photo) so we were able to allow a lot of space between everyone.

    It is always interesting to note the difference in sound in various locations.  Outside on the porch, the sound quickly deadened, but last night in the hall it was very loud, bouncing off the walls and floors, so the sound sort of echoed and blurred together.  We will have to make ourselves adapt by playing softer.           

    I think the Legion Hall will work nicely for us.

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  1. Great idea and nice of them to permit you.Got to be a soul lifter.
    Would love to listen in. I love music but not any good at it.