Tuesday 1 September 2020

Picking Immature Apples

    What a useless thing our apple trees are.  We have two of them that produce apples, nevertheless we hardly ever get a mature crop from them.  A bear tore up the apple tree we have behind a fence in the garden, but surprisingly, the other apple tree that is growing unprotected in our yard was untouched, even though it has apples on it.
    Just because it still has apples on it doesn’t mean that we will have apples to eat, because yesterday I had to pick all of those apples, even though they aren’t ready to eat.  I did it so the bear wouldn’t come around again and destroy the tree trying to get them. You can see from the irregular shape of the tree that it has already been thrashed numerous times by bears over the years.  
    I stored the half a bucket of apples I picked in the shop, but this variety isn’t one that stores well, so I don’t know if they will ripen enough to eat or just rot.
    What a ridiculous thing it is for us to have apple trees.  After years of growing, the trees finally begin to produce fruit, but either the bears then tear up the trees to get the apples, or you have to pick the apples before they are ready, to protect the trees that never allow you any mature fruit--it’s crazy.

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