Thursday 17 September 2020

Brushing the Trail

    The other day I decided I would start doing a walk every morning after breakfast.  Since the two pit bulls are no longer living at my neighbors, I thought I should see what the old trail loop looked like.  I was surprised at how much nature had reclaimed the path.  I got my brush saw out and was able to re-clear about a third of the loop.  

    The broad-leafed plant you see in the photo above are Thimbleberry, a dry tasting relative of the Raspberry.  It was growing waist high in places and that is mostly what I had to clear.  Below is the tunnel I had to clear through a thick grove of Birch saplings.  I am always careful to keep my eyes and ears open when I walk the trail this time of year because the bush is so thick and high and it would be easy to come upon a bear.

    I have been walking that third of the trail I cleared every morning.  I recently discovered that my iPhone automatically keeps track of my steps and elevation when I have it on me, so I have been taking it along on the walk.  This morning’s walk around the pond and down the trail and back was a kilometer ( a bit more than half a mile) and the elevation gain was the same as climbing 3 flights of stairs.  These numbers don’t show a great exertion, but they are more than I had been doing in the morning, and I hope to brush out the rest of the trail so I can walk the whole loop every morning.

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