Tuesday 14 April 2020

Working My Way Through the Jam Book

    Today is Tuesday, usually the day I look forward to the most, because that is the day we have our jam at the library (at least we used to).  All the isolation and sheltering has put an end to that, but I still have a tremendous urge to do play, plus I can tell I am getting rusty playing and singing without that weekly jam.  In an attempt to hang on to what musical abilities I have, I have been working my way through the jam book.
    It is a whole lot easier doing the songs with other people playing and singing along, than it is just playing on my own, but we play with the cards we are dealt, and hope sometime in the future things will return to some variation of normalcy.  I guess until that happens I will be soloing in my room.
    Below is a copy of the index of the songs our jam play.

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