Thursday 9 April 2020

Daffodils Sprout Through the Snow

    I was surprised yesterday to see these Daffodil sprouting through the snow.  What surprised me was the fact that it hasn’t really been that warm yet, particularly under the snow.  I always assume that it is the temperature that triggers plants to sprout.
    Then I remembered what was said at a talk I attended at the museum last year about some alpine plants.  The speaker told us that some plants sprout on certain days because of day length no matter what the temperature is or how much snow is on laying on top of them.  They can still sense the daylight even under the snow.  
    I’m thinking that must be the case with these Daffodils.  The bulbs have been laying dormant under 2 feet (60cm) of snow most of the winter, and that snow has not totally melted away to show bare ground.  They must have sensed that it was time, and sprouted even though some snow was still covering them.
    It always gives me such hope after the long winter to actually see plants begin to show themselves in anticipation of a new growing season.

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