Sunday 12 April 2020

Distant Socialiing

    Is everyone hunkered down out there?  We have been for a month now.  I think I have mentioned before that despite all the new restrictions our lives haven’t really changed that much, except for the few regular socializing that we used to do.  
    I have noticed though that I have been doing more socializing on the telephone, email, and FaceTime.  I have been communicating with friends, some of whom I haven’t had any contact with for decades.  I have been emailing with a fellow “radical” I went to university with, and I talked on the phone to the lead guitarist and one time roommate that I had when I was in a rock and roll band and doing my alternative service as a conscientious objector.
    It is enjoyable to re-awakening those long dormant brain cells, as I have been catching up with the lives of old friends.  Breaking all of this isolation is sure made easier and quicker with all the technology that is now available to us.
    It is not just far away friends I have been communicating with.  I have FaceTimed with friends who live in Alberta, who spend their summers in McBride, and even friends that live here year round that we would normally just call on the phone.  It is nice to be able to see their faces as we catch up again after being isolated by social distancing.  

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