Friday 3 April 2020

Ice Flow (into the Carport)

    Every year is different, and this one is VERY different, but I won’t speak of the obvious.  Instead I will mention an interesting minor problem that has arisen.  What you see in the photo is flowing ice.  It is not a frozen puddle, but very congealed freezing water or soft ice that is slowly moving, settling, and freezing in front and inside of my carport.
    Because it is slippery, I throw grit on it so we don’t fall, but everyday that grit gets covered with a new layer of congealed water.  I find it interesting that despite the freezing temperatures (it didn’t get above freezing at all yesterday and was -12C, 10F this morning) water underneath the snow keeps flowing down slope before it gets to my carport, stops and freezes.  
    I will sure be happy to see the end of winter, even though it is officially spring.

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