Saturday 4 April 2020

Trays of Hope

    Although it was -18 C ( 0 F) outside this morning, under the grow lights upstairs hope is growing.  In the middle of March I planted my tomato and pepper seeds.   In the last few years I have had trouble germinating my tomato seeds and pepper seeds, so this year I planted a lot more than I really needed, and just about all of my tomatoes came up, so I now have a lot more tomato plants than I need.  I have  18 varieties of tomato plants to eventually put in my green house if Spring actually starts to generate some normal temperatures.      
    I was not so lucky with the peppers.  I got a lot of green peppers and jalapenos plants that sprouted, but the others didn’t so I’ll probably have to buy new seeds and try again if I want some yellow wax peppers.   
    Although I think I am generally a pessimistic person, I must have inherited some farmer genes from my grandparents that do give me a bit optimistic about growing things.

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