Thursday 16 April 2020

A Favorite Scene

    The days in the Robson Valley are beginning to really stretch out, so yesterday we took an early evening walk down Jervis Road.  It was peaceful and beautiful, and although I have taken hundreds of photos of the field and old homestead farm with the Cariboo Mountains creating a dramatic background, I just couldn’t help but take yet another shot of one of my favorite Valley scenes.  That is the snow covered peaks of the Raush Valley that you can see jutting up in the gulf between the closest mountains on the left and the right of the photo.
    Being a very color-oriented person, I was attracted by those deep blue mountains with the pristine white snow covered tops, contrasting with the near-golden fields, and accented with the red dabs of the abandoned farm buildings.  If you look very closely you might be able to make out two specks in the lower right side of the  field, those are two white-tailed deer that scampered off when we drove in to park the car.

Take a look at my photo-realistic paintings:

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