Saturday 18 April 2020

Peeking Into Other People's Houses

    If you have TV shows that you regularly watch, there are probably people on those shows that you sort of feel like you know.  One of the unexpected results of the Covid-19 pandemic is that a lot of those people are now doing their broadcasts from inside of their homes.  I have found it very interesting to be able to catch a glimpse of what the inside of their homes are like.
    I took this shot of the Shields and Brooks on Friday’s segment of the PBS Newshour.  Mark Shield has a lot of paintings or photographs on his wall, while David Brooks’ room features a tall shelf full of books.  Below is a shot from in home interviews from the Bill Mayer show.  Others seem to be living in pretty sterile looking environments with nothing of interest to see, but maybe its just the room they have chosen to broadcast from.   I feel like these glimpses of the interior of TV celebrity’s homes give an added depth into their real personality.

Take a look at my paintings:

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