Sunday 5 April 2020

What Day Is It?

    Of course being retired makes it difficult enough for me to keep track of what day it is, but there were always a few touchstones during the week to help me locate myself.  Now with this “stay at home” Covid-19 isolation, I never know what day it is because all of those touchstones have now been eliminated.
    Tuesdays were always important because that was our Jam night at the library.  The fourth Thursday of every month was our book club.  On the first Monday I had a McBride Broadband Committee meeting.  On Saturday night we would always go over to visit some friends.  All of those and many others are no longer there to help anchor me, so I am floundering from each undistinguished day to the next day, without really knowing where I am.
    If you are having the same problem, I have provided the month of April for you from the trivia calendar that I make every year.  Maybe that will help you keep track.  I hope it is big enough for you to read some of the trivia I have gathered, those important milestones of civilization might help you kill some time.

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