Thursday 2 April 2020

Walking On Top of the Snow

    Most winters I am able to keep a path around our pond using snowshoes to press down a trail.  That didn’t really happen this year.  On several occasions I did snowshoe around the pond, but then we always got a new snowfall, and so we never did ever get to use the trail.  
    It was a real treat yesterday to walk around the pond without a trail.  The snow is still a foot (30cm) or more deep, but we had some warm days that started melting the snow, then got some really cold nights (-14C, 7F) which froze that melting snow really solidly, and yesterday the snow was so hard that I could walk on top of it instead of sinking in.  
    Below is a photo of Lexi walking across the snow covered plank at the far end of the pond.

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