Sunday 11 August 2019

Princess Lexi

    Remember the story about how they found the real princess because she could tell there was a pea under a big stack of mattresses.  Well I don’t know if our dog Lexi could feel a pea, but she sure does like to sleep with a lot of soft padding under her.
    I took this photo of her yesterday.  We have two pillows propped up beside the arms of our couch.  Our cat Lucifer likes to squeeze up beside the two pillows to take a nap, but Lexi doesn’t want to snooze beside the two pillows, she wants to sleep right on top of them.
    Before we got Lexi, we made several nice soft spots for Lucifer to sleep in.  We have seen Lexi find them all and sleep in them all.  I don’t know what is going to happen this winter, if they both want to sleep on Lucifer’s pad beside the nice warm wood stove.

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