Wednesday 14 August 2019

Scarlet Runners

    I had to scramble around this morning to come up with some kind of photo for this blog.  There isn’t a whole lot happening around here, but I noticed that the blooms on the Scarlet Runner beans in the garden were looking pretty photogenic so I took this shot.
    Scarlet Runners are very hardy pole beans and one of the things I like about them besides the beans is that they make an attractive vertical structure in the garden.  So every very year I construct a teepee-like structure for them to grow up on.  The old poles that I have been using for the teepee are getting pretty decrepit and a few weeks ago it was leaning so much I feared the whole thing would topple over.  I pushed it back up straight and using some twine, I managed to tie it together, and fortunately, it is still upright.
    Normally the Scarlet Runner beans start getting away from me and I end up with enormously long hard beans, but like every year, this year I am vowing to keep a close watch on them and pick the beans before they get too long.

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  1. Dog and cat pictures are always welcome. I really like the flowers on these beans but have never grown the beans to eat.