Thursday 22 August 2019

Food Insecurity

    We had friends over for dinner yesterday.  After the meal we retreated to the living room and as we sat there talking and trying to solve the problems of the world, I suddenly began to wonder where our dog Lexi was.  I got up walked to the dining room and discovered her on top of the dining room table helping herself to the almond cookies still left on the platter.
    It still baffles me how that short little dog managed to get up there.  I assume she used the chairs as steps, but still, I would have thought even getting up on a chair would have been a problem for her.
    Skye our last dog, who was also a rescue dog, had lived “rough” for while before we got her.  She had to find her own food and survive on her wits, and as a result after we got her she was still very food oriented, but Lexi takes that food craving to a whole different level.  She is constantly seeking food, even after she has eaten her bowlful.  She never stops.  Whenever we go into the kitchen, she is suddenly there in hopes that some molecule of food will accidentally fall to the floor.  
    We are going to have to really keep a close eye on her.  We were really fortunate last night that the cookies she devoured didn’t have any chocolate in them.  That could have been fatal.

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  1. She ,at least, waited until you were finished and it wasn't a whole turkey or like you mentioned chocolate.