Tuesday 6 August 2019

West Twin Old Growth Area: Moss

    One of my favorite spots in the Robson Valley is the West Twin Old Growth Area.  It is not signed on the highway, and so it is relatively unknown.  It was originally identified by the local Forest Service and was designated as one of their recreation sites which included a looped trail with signs pointing out various items in the dark mossy Cedar/Hemlock forest.  It has since become a part of the West Twin Provincial Park, which is undeveloped.  The old trail and signs are still there and I always enjoy doing a  walk through the quiet primal forest.
    A few of us did the walk yesterday and although it is impossible to really capture the magic of the place with a camera, I couldn’t help but try.  
    The ground is covered with a thick green carpet of moss, accented with various colored mushrooms.

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