Wednesday 27 June 2018

Trying to Stay on Top of Things

    During our Canadian winters there always seems to be a lot of down time to do a lot of those things that you enjoy.  There is snow to clear after a snowfall, but that is about it, for outside work.
    Canadian summers are a whole lot different.  Our short growing season makes all the plants explode into growth, and it becomes difficult for me to stay on top of all those things that need to be done. 
    The lawn always seems to need mowing, the garden always seems to need weeding, the hay in the pasture needs to be cut and piled, and there is always the firewood that needs to be collected, split, and stacked.   There also seems to be a lot of other things that pop up to make getting around to all those jobs more complicated.
    I took the photo this morning, just after I mowed the lawn.  Normally it doesn’t look so civilized.

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