Friday, 8 June 2018


    A couple of days ago when I blogged about the waterlilies, I mentioned that the Lupines were also starting to bloom.  Here are some photos I took in my Lupine patch this morning.  Lupines have long been one of my favorite flowers.  They have give a double whammy.  Not only are the spear-pointed blooms colorful, but also their star-burst shaped foliage is very unusual and interesting.  
    After I had my pond built, I collected and spread some Lupine seeds around in one area, and they have nurtured and spread around the perimeter of the pond.  The our native Lupine are a purplish-blue color, but I also have some domesticated ones that are more reddish,  pink, and whitish in color.

You can see my painting of a Lupine at:

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